3 Most Dangerous Words That Stopping You From Becoming Successful

3 Most Dangerous Words That Stopping You From Becoming Successful.

Do you know what those things are that keep you poor?Do you know what is stopping you from becoming successful? There are 3 most dangerous words that stopping you from becoming successful.

Have you wondered why some people, they seem to have mighty hand and whatever they touch turns into gold?

You might have heard about some people, whatever goal they set, they just achieve their goals.   

Do you know, what’s the difference between them and you? What are their secrets?

The secret is their words. See, words are how we think. Words are how we express ourselves.

And today in this article, I am going to share with you about three dangerous words that you need to eliminate from your vocabulary from today onward if you want to succeed in your life. Don’t use these words anymore.

The 3 dangerous words that you should avoid are:

1. Hope.

You have to understand that hope is not a strategy. What most people do is, they only hope to grow their business. They hope to get their referrals. They hope to generate more and more income. They hope to have more spare time. They hope to start their own business.

They only hope about it. But it is not a strategy. You see, successful people, don’t use hope as a strategy because the minute you use the word hope, what you are saying is, you have no power, you have no control over the outcome.

If I say, hey, I hope you like this article. That’s okay. But whenever you say, I hope, you give up that responsibility, you also give up that power. When you say, I hope you have no control, you have no choice. When you have no choice, when you have no power, when you have no control, when you cannot decide, you cannot take action and you cannot make that happen.

HOPE is one of the 3 most dangerous words that you use in your daily life.

HOPE, this word keeps you poor. This word is stopping you from becoming successful.

So, eliminate the word “HOPE” from your mind. This word is keeping you poor. This word is keeping you unsuccessful.

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2. Can’t.

Sometimes you may use the word “Can’t”. Right!

You use these words like I can’t, I don’t have time or I can’t afford it.

The moment you use this word, you can’t, your brain stop working, stop looking for any solutions.

The minute you say, I can’t, I can’t do it. It robs you of your potential. It robs you of the possibility. Instead, ask yourself, how can I?

People used to say, I can’t start my business. Or I can’t do that.

It means that you don’t want to do it? Or does it mean you don’t know how to do it?

But the thing is that we all have the ability, we can all do something if we want to do it.

Could you do it, if you really want to do it? Of course, you could do it.

So the question is, it is not, I can’t, it’s either you don’t want to and that’s perfectly fine.  Then, don’t say I can’t. Just say I don’t want to.

When your friends ask you to go out, it’s just, well, you know, I can’t tonight.

Don’t say I can’t, just say you know what, I have got other commitments to do. I just don’t want to go out tonight.

Just tell them I don’t want to go. This is not something I want to do or maybe, next time, right?

When you say, you can’t, does that mean you don’t know how to do it? Because you could go, get the how-to. There is so much how-to on the internet. You could go find a way or you can take a program, go to an event, learn from a mentor and do something. You have the ability.

So, replace the word, can’t, with either how can I? Or I can do it.

You have got so much more potential if you just believe in yourself.

3. Try.

Do you use this word a lot? Think about this.

Maybe you use this word many times, I will try to do something. Why I tried. See, when you use this word, try, the moment you use that word, you are setting yourself up for failure. You are giving yourself a way out when something doesn’t work out.

Do this with me. If you are reading this article while you are sitting down, just stand up and try to walk a step forward.

Listen to me carefully, just stand up and try to walk a step forward.

No, I didn’t say, walk a step. I said only try to walk a step.

I didn’t say, move a step. I said only try.

Try to move.

You see the state of trying does not exist. It is a fake nonsense story that we created in our own mind.

Either you do or you don’t. There is no such thing. Either you move, you can take a step forward or you don’t take a step forward. There is no try.

Try means nothing.

So, eliminate that word from your vocabulary.


You see the distance between you and everything you want, is your words.

Words that, you say to yourself, is your mindset. The only difference between rich people and poor people are the words that they use.

So, from today eliminate these 3 dangerous words from your mind.


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