Why people insult and how to respond to it.
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Why People Insult You and The Best Way to Respond to it.

Why people insult and how to respond to it.
4 Reasons Why People Insult You and the Best Way to Respond to an Insult.

Why People Insult You?

An insult means simply when someone speaks to you or treats you with disrespect nothing other than this?

Have you ever been at the receiving end of an insult that is not a very pleasant thing?

What do you do when you are insulted?

Do you insult the person straight back? Or do you break down and cry? Or you simply leave that place and avoid the person?

Now it is very clear that people who insult you are negative people but why do you think they actually insult you.

But do you know why people insult you.

There are 4 main reasons why someone would probably insult you.

1. Insecurity.

The first reason is insecurity. Now there are some people who are insecure. They don’t feel good about themselves and because they don’t feel good about themselves they feel they need to control and they can only gain by putting other people down.

So insecure people always end up insulting you or make rude comments at you.

2. Jealous.

The second reason why someone insult you is because they are jealous of you. Because jealousy is a very important motive for someone to mock you or ridicule you.

People who are jealous feel about they are not getting enough credit for what they are doing and that is why they want to put you down.

3. Lack Of Understanding

The third reason why people would insult you is because they don’t really have a proper understanding of a person’s disability.

A lot of times people are not aware of how their comments affect people because don’t know that the person they are directing these comments to actually have a genuine problem.

So, say for example there is a kid in school who is actually got speech difficulties he probably stammers or stutters. He got a genuine problem but maybe his schoolmates or classmates don’t really understand that so they might make fun of him without really understanding how it affects him.  

3. Teasing is Cool. (Playful Teasing)

The final or last point why someone would possibly insult you is because they are fond of you and they want to playfully tease you.

This is not really insulting in a very negative way but some people they kind of like you a lot and they think that teasing you a little is kind of very cool they love doing that because they were fond of you.

So maybe you have a cousin who keeps calling you a little chubby because you are on the heavier side and she does not mean to be rude but maybe her insult or her comment could hurt a little bit.

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How to respond when people insult you?

Now that, you know why people insult you? Right!

But do you know what to do when someone insults you? How to respond when someone insult you? What do you say when someone insult you?

So, let’s start.

Stay Calm

Responding to an insult is much, much better than reacting to it.

So the first thing you should do when you faced with an insult is to stay calm.

As stated above you have already learned that people who insults you are probably insecure, they love to control people.

So they want you to get angry or want to make you feels breakdown and cry. But you are now not going to give them the satisfaction of that kind of reaction.

So, stay calm and give a very effective reply to them.

Express, how you exactly feel.

It is also very important to tell the person who is insulting you how you exactly feel about.

So you can also tell them what they are doing is illegal and it can have unforeseen or unpleasant circumstances for them.

Say for an example if you have a cousin who keeps making rude comments at you, you can simply tell them that you are feeling very bad about what you are saying and whatever they are saying is will actually affect your relationship with them.

So when you faced any insult it is important that you tell the person who has insulting you what you actually feel about.

Simply Ignore.

The third point to know when responding to an insult you should ignore the insult completely.

Ignoring the insult is sometimes the wisest and the best thing to do.

Why should you ignore an insult and not react to it?

You can ignore an insult simply because you want to ensure that the person who is insulted you should not feel that they have affected you in any way.

So when you actually ignore the insult you are telling the person that looks I am not affected by it.

Now how would you ignore an insult?

Simply, you can ignore an insult by changing the topic of conversation and talking about something entirely differently or you could just walk away from that place.

For example, you are at work and your co-worker makes fun of the way you present a particular topic. So you don’t feel good about it and you want to ignore it. So you simply walk out of the room or talk about a different project altogether which is not even related to the one that you have worked upon right now. Ignoring an insult is one of the wisest things.

Use Humor.

One of the best way to responding to an insults is using humor.

Humor is probably the best defense mechanism when you have to attack an insult.

Now, how do you do this?

When someone making a joke at you, you can actually put that joke back at them but of course you have got to it in a very nice light-hearted way by which they don’t feel offended and at the same time it makes the atmosphere very easy.

So say for example if a colleague or a co-worker makes fun of the fact that you come to office late every day. Or even they call you Mr. late or Mr. tardy. What the best thing you can actually do is you can say that yes, “I do come late but I am learning to come late from you. I see you coming office late every day as well.

So you are actually taking the insult but you are directing that joke back at them.

So you have to ensure that when you are actually doing that you have to be very natural in tone, you don’t have to raise your voice so that they don’t get offended.

Report Insult.

The next thing you need to know is that you should sometimes also report insults.

If insults are related to gender, sexuality, religion, or disability it is against the law and you should report it.

The person who is actually insulting you is not doing a very lawful thing and it is your right as the victim to actually report these kinds of acts.

Now in many schools or at work there are anti-harassment departments that actually listen to your plight and do the right thing in order to ensure that you don’t have to face the insult ever again.

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