A life-changing story that can complete change your mindset about your life.
Motivational Story

A Life-Changing Story That Can Change Your Mindset About Your Life.

Most of the time in our life we face many problems, we couldn’t understand why it is happening in our life. We get stressed and worried about it.

In this article, I am going to share with you a life-changing story that will completely change your mindset about your life.

So, keep reading till the end……

A Story of a Sweeper and God

Once, a sweeper in the temple watch towards the god and ask Oh god, “you don’t get bored, standing in one position for years. So, I have an idea, why don’t we exchange our role for a day. 

You live one day of my life as me, and I stand here like you. You too take a day off, take a break too, and relax for one day.”

God replies, “This is not so easy to stand here, you do your work and let me mine. It is very difficult to stand here.”

The servant said, “No, God, I will do as you speak, I will stand as you say. For one day only take a holiday and live my life as me.” 

God replies, “Okay we exchange our role for one day but remember my one instruction, you only have to stand like a statue. Whatever people will say, whatever problem they explain to you, you have to stand like a statue. You have to do nothing.

People will ask for something from you, but you will have to stand like a statue, don’t interfere with them. I have complete planning. Just stay like a statue.”

The servant gets agreed with God’s condition and stand like a statue in the temple and God goes for a holiday as that servant.  

Now, this servant is standing as God’s statue and one devotee comes who is a businessman. 

The businessman stands before God’s statue, salute him, and say, “ Oh god, increase my money, increase my wealth, I am going to open a new factory, keep your grace in that too.”

Then the businessman salutes again to God and leaves. But he forgot his wallet here. 

Now, the servant (in the form of God’s statue) thoughts to call the businessman that he left his wallet but he remembered that God has kept a condition.

And the servant without saying anything stands like God’s statue.

Now another devotee comes who is a very poor man. He offered a rupee in front of the god and say, “Oh God, I had only one rupee left and that too I offered to you. There is a lot of trouble in my house, a lot of poverty in my house, medicine is also needed. Hey God, do something for me”. 

Then he salutes God and when he opened his eyes he saw the wallet that the businessman had forgotten. 

Now he thanks god thinking that God has gifted that wallet to the poor man and took the wallet with him and leave the temple. 

Now the servant (in the form of God’s statue) got in trouble thinking that the poor man stole this wallet. 

He thought of stopping the poor man but he remembered the God’s condition that he has to do nothing and stand like a statue. Only he has to wait and watch. 

Now the servant (in the form of God’s statue) somehow controls his irritation and stand here like a statue. 

At that time the third devotee comes who is a sailor. Now, this sailor salutes the God and says, “Hey God, I am going to work for 15 days with my ship, keep grace on me. 

Then, the businessman whose wallet was left comes with the police and says he has come after me so he stole my wallet and tell the police to arrest him. And the police arrests the sailor for the crime of theft which he hasn’t committed. 

Now seeing all this, the servant (in the form of God’s statue) thinks that I can’t see more, if God was in my place, he would not see such injustice. Now I have to say. 

Then the servant in the form of the statue says, “Excuse me, I am God, I have seen what happened, the poor man has stolen the wallet, arrest him, this sailor has no-fault so leave him. He has to go on his business tour.”

Now the policeman arrest the poor man because God has said so, and then the businessman gets his lost wallet back and the sailor gets ready for his ship tour. 

Then the sailor once again stands in the form of that statue till the evening.

Now God returned in the evening and said, “What’s up? how was the day?”

The servant happily says, “You will be happy for what I have done. There was going to be a big injustice and I stopped it.”

He explained everything about that 3 devotees and how he fixed all. 

After listening to the servant God says, “You haven’t corrected the things, you have spoiled it. I had told you to do nothing, just stand like a statue and watch. Then why did you say? Now listen to my planning which was beyond your thought.”

The first devotee who was a businessman who is a fraud. All his wealth and earnings he has gathered is by stealing others. And if a part of his money went to that poor’s house, the businessman’s karma would have reduced. 

And the poor man always serves people, always helps people. Put whatever amount of money he has left in the service of other people. 

So if you didn’t do anything, the businessman’s karma would have reduced and his money would have gone to the right place. 

And most importantly, the sailor, where he is planning to go, a storm is about to come and he would not live. 

If the sailor had been in jail, he would have escaped from his death and his wife would have escaped from being widowed. 

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What did we learn from this life-changing story?

This happens many times in our life too that we face such types of problems and we think what is good in it. 

We wonder why this had happened to us. 

Maybe his plan is beyond what you think. Maybe this happened to escape you from a big loss. 

So after today, whenever any problem comes in your life, don’t be sad and remember this life-changing story and happily understand that whatever happens in our life is for our good, whatever happens, is for our benefits. 

Hope you will find this story helpful. And never forget to share this life-changing story with your loved ones. 

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