Consistency is the key to success

Consistency Is The Key To Success:

Do you want massive success in your life?

Have you ever think why some people achieve massive success while others work very hard but can’t?

If you ask a successful person about it, they must say the difference between successful people and failures is that they are not consistent enough.

You may have heard that working hard and taking action are the keys to success in any field of life. These are a little bit true because the entire truth is you have to work hard consistently. So, you have to take action every single day.

If you want to see progress in your life you have to master the skill of being consistent.

Because no matter how talented you are in any given area, if you don’t practice consistently you will never get any result.

Some people may say they are successful in their life because they are more intelligent, or luckier than others.  But consistency is the main key behind their success. They can’t refuse about it.

Consistency is the key to success?

Consistency is the number one quality of every successful human being all over the world.

Big results require massive action.

Many people don’t know about consistency.

Being consistent is essential if you want to make any significant change in your life.


You brush your teeth two times a day for two minutes. Right!

What will happen when you brush your teeth two times a day for two minutes? Nothing!

But if you brush your teeth twice a day for a whole year it will give you a result. That is called consistency.

If you want to be successful in anything, do it every day. Take small steps every day. Small daily action leads to massive results. Consistency is the key to success.

Why You Struggle With Consistency?

Maybe the concept of consistency seems simple. But you struggle with consistency. Maybe you are aware that consistency is the key to success. But do you follow it? Your answer may be NO.

Maybe you trying to be consistent but anyhow you are unable.

You are struggling with consistency because there are lots of distractions in your life. Maybe because you are not committed, focused or disciplined enough to stick with something for the long term. You only live for the short term and this is the reason you struggle with consistency.

You simply quit because you are seeking quick results for your actions. But the habit of consistency is not just obtaining quick results. It is making incremental progress for a long period of time even you don’t see any quick result.


You planning to go to the gym and build muscle. The very next day you wake up early and go to the gym, do some workout come back home then looks into the mirror, what will happen? 

Nothing, right!

Then go to the gym for three to four days, do some workout come back home and then look at the mirror. Will you notice something? Nothing!

Clearly, there are no results. Going to the gym and working out seems to be ineffective.

So what do you do? You quit now. Right!

Normally, most people doing this. That’s why they don’t succeed.

People work for 4-5 days and if they don’t see any improvement they simply quit. But was working out really a waste of time? No!

It is just that the result never comes quickly enough, that’s why we give up.

If you want to build muscle in the gym then you have to work daily consistently for years then you will get a good physique.

This is just an example and it is applied in everything. You need to be consistent if you want to succeed in life. If you want to succeed in any field you can’t get it in one day. It will take time. Success takes time.

We all want the result and we all want them now. However, what we forget is that results often take time to show.

You can’t get success overnight. Even it takes 40 weeks for a baby to birth. Even it takes time for a fruit to ripen. Then, why you think you will succeed overnight.

Take small steps daily for a long time and you will definitely be successful one day.

The most successful business person says that the difference between success and failures is consistency.

How to be consistent?

To become consistent seems simple but really it is very hard. We all have bad habits that prevent us to be consistent, like scrolling Facebook just before starting work, checking emails all the time, watch Netflix or Youtube videos.

These are the tips that you have to follow if you want to be consistent in your life:

1. Make a Specific goal

To be consistent you need to make a goal. You have to have a purpose. A specific goal with a big purpose always excites you to be consistent and work effortlessly.  

2. Pick only one thing at a time

Yes, you have to do only one thing at a time. I am not telling you to don’t try multiple things. I am just telling you that focus on only one thing at a time. If you focus on more than one thing at a time you will gradually lose interest and become inconsistent.

3. Make a schedule and plan your day.

Make and maintain a proper schedule if you want to keep yourself consistent. It will save you time and keep away from all distractions. If not, then you struggle to become consistent.

4. Don’t look down.

Don’t just look how far you have to go. This will discourage you. Just keep working away every single day and you will get succeed. Stay in the present moment and enjoy the process.  

5. Surround yourself with positive people.

If you want to be consistent in your life surround yourself with positive people. Because positive people inspire others to be productive and consistent to achieve better results.

6. Be a finisher, not a starter.

This is the main problem. People start with a strong desire, they work consistently for a few days but gradually they lose interest and they quit. Whenever you feel de-motivated always think of how you will feel when you got what you want in life? How well your life will be?


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