How To Deal With Procrastination? 6 Easy steps

How To Deal With Procrastination? 6 Easy Steps

Hi friends, in this article I am going to share with you, how to deal with procrastination with 8 easy tips.

So don’t skip any part and keep reading till the end.

Procrastination is a challenge we all faced at one point or another in our life.

Procrastination continues to be one of the largest enemies of our productivity and if we are unable to find effective ways to break this habit, it will keep us away from success.

Definitely, you have some goals in your life and you want to achieve them. And also you have created a schedule for it.

But are you achieving it?

Probably don’t!

You know that you have to work hard to achieve your goal but the thing that stops you from achieving your goal is procrastination.


Remember the last time you are going to do some effort towards your goal, but you procrastinate and engage with your phone doing useless things. And in this way, you lost most of your precious time.

Procrastination makes you lazy and keeps you from making real progress.

Maybe today it is not a big problem for you, but in the long run, you will feel that it had wasted most of your life.

So in this article, I am going to share with you some easy steps on how to deal with procrastination.

But before knowing the tips to avoid procrastination, first, take a look at what is procrastination and why we procrastinate.

What is procrastination?

Simply procrastination is the avoidance of doing certain tasks that need to be accomplished by a certain deadline.

In other words, it is the act of delaying or postponing a task or set of tasks.

Some says, “Procrastination is doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones.”

6 Tips on how to deal with procrastination

1. Change your thinking

Procrastination is a tough habit to overcome and you have done the first step to overcoming procrastination. And I appreciate you for taking the first step to overcome procrastination.

And yes, this is the first step to deal with procrastination.

The key to real change, even for the procrastinating, is changing your mindset.

You have to understand that everything you do in your life because of what you think about it.

There is a saying, “If you change your thinking, you will change your life.”

So first, change your mindset.

And adapt the habit of Just do it now.

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2. Break Bigger Projects into small and manageable chunks

When you make a big goal or big project it seems very difficult to do it. And it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer size of it and feel defeated before you even begin it.

But when you break it into small and manageable chunks it seems easy to achieve.

When you split this project into small chunks and easily accomplished steps, you will feel a sense of progress while still working. And you will be able to gauge your productivity.

3. Create a To-Do list with specific deadlines.

The next step to deal with procrastination is to create a to-do list with a specific deadline.

Creating a to-do list not only helps you to get rid of procrastination but also helps you organize your work and helps achieve them quickly.

This will make your workload seems manageable.

But you have to understand that making a to-do list is not enough to deal with procrastination.

You have to add a specific deadline to your all tasks.

4. Remove distraction

Removing distraction seems easy to you, but in reality, it takes real consideration.

So before doing your tasks, please make a note of the ways your attention wander.

Maybe it is your Smartphone that distracts you. And if you are working from home, there are too many distractions like your pet, tempting games, book, etc.

So, find out the things that wander your attention and eliminate all these distractions from your workspace.

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5. Avoid multitasking

How to deal with procrastination? avoid multitasking
Avoid Multitasking

Most people believe that multitasking saves you time.

Even you most of the time do multitasking thinking it will save you time and you will complete more tasks quickly.

But in reality, this is not what it seems. You will get the opposite results.

It actually prevents you from finishing your task quickly.

You have to understand that multitasking can ruin your time. It propels you to procrastinate and jump to another work.

So always try to keep your attention on only one goal at a time, and give all your efforts to it. And after completing that task go for the next one.

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6. Start your day with the hardest task

Every time when you create a plan for your task, always choose the hardest work first, and the easiest tasks next.

Because in the morning, you are very energetic and your energy level keeps decreasing gradually. So you will be more likely to tackle your hardest tasks first.

And another benefit of it is that you will feel better once the work is done and you can easily move to the rest of the task for the rest of the day.

Final thoughts

This is all about how to deal with procrastination with 6 easy steps.

Now that you have understood how can you overcome your procrastination?

Frankly, Procrastination is one of the biggest challenges everyone faces at one point or another.

As in this world, we all are surrounded by distraction, it is really not easy to overcome procrastination. You really have to do your efforts to avoid it.

And I believe the above steps will help you to overcome procrastination and lead you to a successful life.

But never forget to apply these steps in your life, otherwise, you will fail.

I hope you really liked this article. And never forget to share it with your friends and loved ones.

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